Home Automation

An example:

As you approach your driveway, the system knows you’re the first one home because your phone just registered on your home wifi and all other phones are away. After automatically authenticating you, your garage door opens and the lights turn on. As you exit your vehicle, a button push on the garage wall is enough to close the garage door, set the lights to time out, if the temp is under 20 your heater turns on and the hallway, kitchen and family room lights turn on at 50%. As the time is just before 6pm, your TV turns onto your favourite news program, mutes the volume and starts your favourite relaxing music.

All this from just driving in your driveway and pressing one button on the wall.

  • No more left on lights, TVs or air-conditioning in empty rooms
  • Lights that come on automatically to different levels for different times of day
  • Turn your air-conditioning on whilst you’re at the beach for that “return to the Hotel” feel on a 40 degree day.
  • Watch any of your two or three Foxtel boxes from any TV in the house. Have a Box dedicated to just you for your programs to record.
  • Control your audio with the same music throughout or a different music stream in each room.
  • Voice announcements for when guests arrive.
  • Different automated door access for guests, tradesmen or your cleaning crew.
  • Notifications for when the kids arrive home
  • Reminders for when the kids have overstayed their TV time

The options are endless with automation.

Let Smarter Electrical Solutions make your home a Smart Home.